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Cable, T. Clark, J. Deals with Old and Middle English in some detail.


History of the English language; in Spanish. Fisher, John H. Freeborn, D. Useful book charting the development of English from 's to the 's. Includes representative texts and exercises. Munich Germany.

Medieval period in English literature -notes

English history until the 19th century; in German. Gruber, Loren C. Partridge, A. Useful for students. Wakelin, M. All periods of English are discussed with reference to historical documents.

Zesmer, David M. Highly unusual in being a grammar and guide to an Old English dialect. An easy-to-understand survey. Blakeley, L. Standard Teach Youself type book with grammar, texts and full glossary. A useful beginning book clearly set out. Brook, G. A good primer of Old English with ample grammar and sample texts for practice.

The layout is also clear. Campbell, A. This is the standard scholarly reference work in English. It goes into great detail and is not recommended for the beginner. Diamond, Robert E. Adequate grammar and a good, well glossed selection of reading texts. DM 19, Introduction to Old English; in German. Ellis, A.

9. Medieval Women Writers: An Annotated Bibliography for Teachers

Girvan, Ritchie ; Angelsaksisch handboek ; Haarlem Netherlands. Old English manual; in Dutch. Hamer, A. To be used with the accompanying cassettes. Very methodical. Kemble, J. Kispert, Robert J.

Medieval Writers and Their Work: Middle English Literature 1100-1500

For linguists; covers phonology, in particular, in great detail. DM 19,80 DM. McLaughlin, J. Mitchell, B. The standard work in English and highly detailed. Designed for scholars. This is a fine beginner's book, designed to make the learning of Old English as painless as possible. As the title suggests, it also deals with Anglo-Saxon history and culture.

For straight language-learning A Guide to Old English - on which this book is based - is betterrr. This is by far the best beginner's book of Old English. It explains grammar in great detail but at a level the beginner will understand. There are numerous examples of usage, a large bibliography split into categories, and the book even has a substantial reading section with some of the finest Old English literature with a complete glossary at the back.

Useful, but best used in conjunction with other books, as the lack of detail makes it a less than ideal beginner's book. It includes adequate grammar, with some sample texts and a glossary. Pollington, S. Not a grammar but a guide to the general characteristics of Old English and its literature.

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  3. Specialized Dictionaries (Language).
  4. Writers from the Middle English period.

Cassette course with all texts read on the tape. This will also probably become a correspondance course.

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Quirk, R. This is a handy and good beginner's book. It goes into considerable detail in the footnotes. Old English textbook; in Danish. Ross, A.

Old and Middle English - Literatures in English - LibGuides at University of California San Diego

Gives the very basics only. Now old-fashioned in design but still of use.

This is the most detailed grammar of Old English written in any language. Only for the advanced user; in German. Introductory grammar; in German. Smith, J. Wright, J. Solid, no-nonsense grammar with generous use of examples, especially as regards inflection and word-formation. A novel way of learning Old English poetic vocabulary with word elements grouped into families for easier recall. The groups are frequency-based.

Bosworth, Joseph, T. Toller, and T. This is a standard large dictionary of Old English. It is designed for advanced users and scholars and it is remarkable for its wealth of detail.

5 editions of this work

Bouterwek, Karl W. Glossary based on Caedmon's works; in German. Clark-Hall, J. The best hand-dictionary. This covers all the student's needs. Grein, C. DM Vocabulary of Old English poets; in German. Etymological dictionary. Great for comparison across old Germanic languages; in German.

Jember, G. The only book that aims to help the student learn the vocabulary of prose, rather than poetry; in English and German. Jember, Gregory K. Useful for writing Old English. Madden, J. Designed to help the student learn the poetic language. Words are put into groups according to frequency. Essential if one wants to write Old English. It also helps one learn the vocabulary as synonyms are grouped together under subject headings in the thesarus section.

This has become the standard book of Old English synonyms. Handlist of words Modern English to Old English. Sweet, H. Quite good at the poetic lexicon and word compounding. Hamer, R.