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Characterization of Elliptic Dark Hollow Beams. Julio Gutierrez-Vega. Microoptical Components for Information Optics and Photonics. Intracavity Coherent Addition of Lasers. Light Confinement in Photonic Crystal Microcavities. Philippe Lalanne , Christophe Sauvan. Limits to Optical Components. David Miller. Alfredo Luis. Intrinsic Degrees of Coherence for Electromagnetic Fields.

Photonics applications

Digital Computational Imaging. Leonid Yaroslavsky. Dmitry Baranov , Evgeny Zolotov. Fourier Holography Techniques for Artificial Intelligence. Alexander Pavlov. Guoguang Mu , Hongchen Zhai. Conclusions References. Maria Calvo , Pavel Cheben. Spectral Line-by-Line Shaping.

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Robert Sabertein , Yeshaiahu Fainman. Bahaa Saleh , Malvin Teich. Maria Chekhova. Entanglement-Based Quantum Communication. Exploiting Optomechanical Interactions in Quantum Information. Immanuel Bloch. The Intimate Integration of Photonics and Electronics.

Ashok Krishnamoorthy.

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    Positive and negative frequencies. Standing waves. Beats between oscillators. Similarities between beats and standing wave patterns. Standing waves at a reflector. The Doppler effect. Doppler radar. Astronomical aberration. Fourier series. Modulated waves: Fourier transforms.

    Modulation by a non-periodic function. Delta and grating functions. Autocorrelation and the power spectrum. Wave groups. An angular spread of plane waves.

    What is Photonics?

    Transverse waves. Total internal reflection: evanescent waves. Energy flow. Photon momentum and radiation pressure. Blackbody radiation.

    Feature issue introduction: Topological Photonics and Materials.

    The light pipe. Guided waves. The slab dielectric guide. Evanescent fields in fibre optics. Cylindrical fibres and waveguides. Numerical aperture. Materials for optical fibres. Dispersion in optical fibres. Dispersion compensation.

    Modulation and communications. Fibre optical components. Hole-array light guide; photonic crystal fibres. Optical fibre sensors. Fabrication of optical fibres. Polarization of transverse waves. Analysis of elliptically polarized waves. Liquid crystal displays. Birefringence in anisotropic media. Birefringent polarizers.

    Quarter- and half-wave plates. Optical activity. Formal descriptions of polarization. Induced birefringence. Interference effects with a plane-parallel plate. Thin films. Multiple beam interference. Interference filters. The Rayleigh interferometer.

    Photonics and optics fundamentals - 01-1 - Introduction

    Wedge fringes and end gauges. The Twyman and Green interferometer. The standard of length. The Michelson—Morley experiment. Detecting gravitational waves by interferometry. The Sagnac ring interferometer. Optical fibres in interferometers. The ring laser gyroscope. Measuring angular width. The effect of slit width. Source size and coherence. Very long baseline interferometry. The intensity interferometer.

    Diffraction at a single slit.